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Luxury Branded Pen Gift Sets

Check out these elegant branded gift sets that have just arrived to the All in One Marketing offices.  A sleek pen and pencil set and an elegant torch key ring and pen set. Which would you choose? Both branded pen sets certainly make a lovely gift with a wow factor that’s sure to impress!  Check out our wide range of pens and if you have an idea that’s not on the site we can accommodate any bespoke requirements.

















Pen and Pencil gift set

















Pen and Torch Gift Set

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Now is the time to order your festival season merchandise

The festival season is fast approaching. If you’re looking for branded merchandise for events, we have you covered. We have some great ideas for environmentally friendly festival essentials, like reusable water bottles and glasses and paper straws. We also do everything from branded gazebos and ice cream stands, to finding the perfect event staff for your requirements. We have a proven track record for successful events and have worked with many clients on multiple events. Whatever your requirement is, we can source it, brand it, and help run your event from start to finish.

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New Sampling Trays and Packs for Events and Festivals

Here at All in One we know getting your products out there at the right place and the right time is essential for any growing business.  If you want to market at any event or festival and you have a requirement for trays or packs, we have a variety of usherette trays, thirst packs, and hunger packs.  These can all be branded and allow promotional staff to wander around a venue and quickly serve the public, also taking the pressure off any permanent bars. We have a range of different sized packs for your requirements.  Take a look at our range here

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New Colour Spray

Want a branded glass that really stands out from the crowd and sends a clear branding message?  Look no further than our new colour spray for branded glassware.  The new technique can be applied to a many types of glasses – just let us know your requirements.


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Sprout Pencil – A Unique Way to Market Your Growing Business

Want a quirky and sustainable marketing product?  The Sprout Pencil is a sustainable pencil that can actually be planted after use.  At the end of each pencil you’ll find a water-soluble seed capsule (instead of an eraser) that can be planted in soil. Use like a normal pencil, but when it becomes too short to write or colour with, just plant the pencil into some soil then watch it grow!

These would be great promotional products for mailing as they are very lightweight.  Also great for schools as an educational resource. They would also be great for garden centres and gift shops.

Choose from a wide choice of seed varieties to suit your promotional needs. We can supply: Sunflower, daisy, carnation, forget me not, cherry tomato, basil, thyme, sage, coriander and chia.


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New Product Category! Cardboard Packaging and Point of Sale

All in One Merchandise now offers a huge range of branded point of sale and cardboard packaging.  We carry all sizes and shapes of durable cardboard to suit any business, exhibition, or packing requirement.  As well as being useful for storage and display, these all offer huge spaces for branding opportunities and are all fully recyclable. Contact us today for any bespoke requirement.

We carry ranges in:

Free standing display units

Counter Top Displays


Retail Cardboard Standees



Cardboard Dump Bins

Custom Ballot Boxes


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Environmentally Friendly Products for 2019

More and more people are starting to realise the impact that their everyday activities have on the environment.  Minimising waste, recycling and purchasing more environmentally friendly products are just some of the ways we can help in the efforts to be more sustainable.  Here at All in One, we’re all on board for becoming more environmentally friendly and have a wide range of products that have a low carbon footprint.

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Mason Jar Day

Mason Jar Day Blog Post

It’s Mason Jar Day…Who Knew?!

We are all about promotional glassware here, at All In One. In fact, we specialise in custom printed and decorated glassware. However, we did not know that there was a day dedicated to celebrating the Mason Jar! The Mason Jar, also known as the Drinking Jar is one of our favourite novelty promotional glassware items.

Mason Jars are great for parties and events all year round. You can also use them to serve ice-cream smoothies, fruity and chunky cocktails and layered cheesecakes. It’s a very versatile product. Here is a delicious berry recipe to try out and enjoy served in a drinking jar.

  1. Grab a bag of frozen berries and put them into a blender
  2. Add in a pot of your favourite strawberry yoghurt (low fat, full-fat, dairy free… you decide!)
  3. Add 100ml of almond milk. You can you use dairy if you prefer, but almond milk adds to the taste!
  4. Chuck in 40g of porridge oats
  5. Pour in some honey to taste
  6. Put the lid on the blender otherwise… I think we have all been there at least once!
  7. BLEND
  8. Pour into your Mason Jar and enjoy!
Country Drinking Jars with a lid and straw
Country Drinking Jars with a lid and straw 
Country Drinking Jars with a Plain Gold Lid









If you are interested in learning more about promotional glassware and how we can help put your logo onto something as fun as the Mason Jar, call the team on 01727 223310 or contact us here.