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Balance Scooter

Bluetooth scooter[caption id="attachment_8216" align="alignnone" width="300"]Bluetooth scooter Bluetooth scooter[/caption]

Balance Scooter. The must have product at the moment , the Balance Scooter now with different sizes 6.5”,8”&10” and comes with  Samsung battery . Can come printed full colour and built in Bluetooth  Speaker and Colorful lights, you will create a presence wherever you go. Need a design for your logo, then contact

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Micro Cube

Magic Cube[caption id="attachment_8106" align="alignnone" width="300"]Magic Cube Magic Cube[/caption]

Micro Cube Product – Check out on the link the Micro Cube which acts as a Bluetooth Speaker, hands free cube has a camera shooter and lets you know when you are far away from your phone. A must have gadget for people on the go. Need a design for the cube, then check out

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Bluetooth Speaker

Looking for a company Gift? Then the i-Speak is the ultimate promotional Bluetooth Speaker, offering a large branding area suitable for stunning full colour logos and images. Need a design for the speaker, contact our sister company

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Bluetooth Headphone

Do you enjoy listening to music? Then you require bluetooth 3.0 connectivity ensures a simple and very quick connection with any bluetooth device. This item also has a built in call interrupter when matched with a smartphone so that calls can be answered using the set. Supplied with a USB charge cable and a wired audio cable for use with non-bluetooth devices. Call the All In One Merchandise team on 01727 223310 for further details.