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Techy Tuesday – Branded Mobile Phone Steriliser

Branded Mobile Phone Steriliser

It’s Techy Tuesday – What’s as hot as the May bank holiday weather in the world of gadgets?!

For this week’s Techy Tuesday post, we’re bringing you a product we’ve never seen before! The branded mobile phone steriliser. This handy gadget has 3 functions. It’s a phone steriliser, phone charger and it has an integrated aromatherapy diffuser so you can keep your phone fresh!

Mobile phone steriliser images and functions Mobile phone steriliser images and functions

Branded Mobile Phone Steriliser and Sanitiser

You can find bacteria on everything. Doorknobs, the car handle, pens, countertops – you name it, its there! However, your mobile phone harbours far more bacteria than you think! YUCK! Our branded mobile phone steriliser uses UV light to sanitise your mobile, eliminating 99% of bacteria in only 8 minutes. Protect yourself and family members by disinfecting your phone regularly. In fact, you can use this product for many other items, such as headphones, cutlery, a watch, makeup items or car keys.

Phone steriliser with other items Phone steriliser with other items

Phone Charger

The great thing about this product is that you can sanitise and charge your phone at the same time! The product is compatible with mobile and smartphones up to 6 inches in length. For example, the iPhone 6 & 7 plus, Samsung Galaxy S7, the Note 5 and the LG G3. The product comes with a universal USB port and charger cables for Android and iOS devices. The product has a compact and portable design so its ideal for those who travel for or commute to work.

Mobile phone in the steriliser whilst charging Mobile phone in the steriliser whilst charging

Integrated Aromatherapy Diffuser

In addition to keeping your belongings germ free, the phone steriliser also features an aromatherapy diffuser. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil into the diffuser to freshen up your phone whilst it gets sanitised and charges.

Aromatherapy Diffuser Aromatherapy Diffuser

For more information about our innovative, promotional tech products, give the team a call on 01727 223310 or contact us here.


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Techy Tuesday – Branded Indoor Hover Football

Branded Indoor Hover Football

It’s Techy Tuesday – What fun Gizmo do we have for you this week?

It’s that time of the week again! For this Techy Tuesday’s post, we are bringing you the branded indoor hover football. This indoor hover football is a fun branding item to have in the office or at home. You can guarantee it will come out at every party!

The Branded Indoor Hover Football

The air powered toy slides easily over any flat surface including wood, carpet or concrete. It features colour LED’s for that extra fun touch. The foam walls of the product also prevent any damages occurring to indoor walls.

Indoor Hover Football Indoor Hover Football

This promotional product is a great choice a for the coming World Cup 2018. Brands can customise the top of the hover football with any logo or design in up to 5 spot colours. The print area is 25mm x 20mm. Branding begins from 25 units, prices from £9.

Indoor Hover Ball Top Pad Print Area Indoor Hover Ball Top Pad Print Area

If you enjoyed this Techy Tuesday product update, take a look at a few of our uploads from previous weeks.

For more information about our techy corporate gift ideas, call us on 01727 223310 or contact us here. If you interested in other promotional products with a difference, make sure you take a look at our Hot Products category.

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Techy Tuesday – Branded Bluetooth Keyboard

Branded Bluetooth Keyboard

It’s Techy Tuesday! Bringing You What’s on Top in the World of Promotional Gadgets

It’s that time of the week again! For our Techy Tuesday post this week, we are talking about the branded Bluetooth Keyboard. This is a must-have accessory for anyone who does a heavy amount of business on a smartphone or tablet. Perhaps whilst travelling or on the go. For example:

  • A sales team, on the road
  • Surveyors carrying out site visits
  • Staff who work remotely or in a ‘hot desk’ environment
  • A minutes- or note taker
  • Website content creators

The list goes on!

The Branded Bluetooth Keyboard

This product is made from a stylish black, leather-look material. This makes the keyboard durable and gives it a high-quality and professional finish. The keyboard has a handy built-in stand.

Bluetooth Keyboard with the built-in stand Bluetooth Keyboard with the built-in stand

It’s an easy travel product, measuring at 218mm (w) x 135mm (l) x 8mm (h). Units are available from under £15.00 ex VAT with a great opportunity for branding and CE, RoSH and REACH compliance.

For more information about our personalised gadgets and gizmos, call us on 01727 223310 or contact us here. If you interested in other innovative promotional products, make sure you take a look at our Hot Products category.


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Techy Tuesday – Promotional Self-Righting Desk Light

Promotional Self-Righting Desk Light

We’re back again, for Techy Tuesday! What’s 💡 in the world of gadgets?!

This week for Techy Tuesday, we are talking about the promotional self-righting desk light. This cool little gizmo sits on your desk, has a weighted base so it won’t fall over no matter how hard you try to topple it! Take a look at the video below:

The Promotional Self-Righting Desk Light

This desk light switches on and off by a simple touch function. It’s a handy size, measuring 4.7 x 8.1 cm, making it perfect for corporate gifting and giveaways.

Touch to turn on and off

The product is available in five different colours to suit any brand. Red, Blue, Black, White and Silver. You can have any logo or design printed on the desk light in up to 5 colours via pad print or in full-colour with our doming options.

  1. Front Bottom (20mm x 12mm)
  2. Front Top (20mm x 15mm)
  3. Top Side (Diameter 20mm)
  4. Doming – Front Bottom (10mm x 10mm)
  5. Doming – Front Top (10mm x 12mm)

Promotional Self Righting Desk Light All Colours

It’s a great little product at excellent value. £2.67 ex VAT per unit based on 250 units and one colour print to one position.

This product has the following certificates D.o.M EMC/CE, RoSH, PAHs and Battery 2006/66/EC.

For more information about our self-righting desk light, call us on 01727 223310 or contact us here. If you interested in other innovative promotional products, make sure you take a look at our Hot Products category.

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Techy Tuesday – Gillie Fabric Bluetooth Speaker

Gillie Fabric Bluetooth Speaker

It’s Techy Tuesday!

It’s Techy Tuesday – bringing you what is hot in the world of gadgets! This week, we’re talking about the Gillie Fabric Bluetooth Speaker. This 4.1 Bluetooth technology speaker is light, portable and powerful. It produces high-quality sound where ever you go!

Here’s what’s great about the Gillie Fabric Bluetooth Speaker:

The Gillie Bluetooth speaker comes in a range of attractive colours as standard. Grey, blue, green, black and red.

The Gillie Fabric Speaker Colours

This speaker features a fabric surface and silicone case. The fabric surface can be printed on nearly entirely in full-colour print with any logo or design. This makes this product highly customisable and ideal for a business gift, with prices from under £13.00.

The Gillie Fabric Speaker Front and Back

The Gillie, which is Bluetooth 4.1, 5W speaker, accommodates a USB to micro USB cable and plays up to 4 hours of great quality sound dynamics and bass. Measuring at 38mmx 71mm x 71mm and weighing just 97 grams, it’s powerful sound box for its size.

It’s top quality and a great price. Available in MOQ of 100 units, this speaker can be branded with one colour print from £13.49 ex VAT per unit.

This product is CE, RoSH and REACH compliant so you can be confident in the quality of the manufacture and materials used.

For more information about the Gillie Speaker, call us on 01727 223310 or contact us here. If you interested in other promotional products with a difference, make sure you take a look at our Hot Products category. For other Bluetooth Speakers, click here to view our full range.

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Promotional Stress Toys Will Help Combat Stress

Promotional Stress Toys

It’s National Stress Awareness Day!

Stress can be crush creativity, productivity and mood. Not only at home, but in the workplace too. As today is National Stress Awareness Day, The All In One Group it would be helpful to bring you a simple but effective product to help combat stress. Promotional stress toys!

Promotional Stress Toys

[gallery ids="7747,7736,5463"]

All In One Merchandise has a huge range of stress toys. They come in all standard shapes and sizes to suit any business. Our stress toys also come in bespoke shapes for the ultimate personal touch. The toys are always fun and a great way to let your customers know that you are the solution during challenging times.


[caption id="attachment_12569" align="aligncenter" width="282"]Special shapes Special shapes[/caption]

Promoting the importance of wellbeing in any  type of organization is a great way to look after your customers and staff.  Call us on 01727 223310 or email us on



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Scrumptious Branded Mince Pies

Branded Mince Pies Blog Cover

There is nothing better than the smell of sweet dried fruits and festive spices when you break into a freshly baked mine pie. Who has had their first mince pie of 2017? …Guilty! So many pies!  But, have you had branded mince pies?

Branded Mince Pies

With only 2 months to go until Christmas, why not spread the Christmas cheer among your staff and customers with branded mince pies?

Available as individual pies, mini’s, a luxury tin sets and a corking sharer pack of 24! If you’re the ‘I don’t share food’ type, that’s Ok. We get that!

[gallery orderby="rand" ids="12552,12548,12547"]

Enquire about the in-house creative services, offered by the All In One Group to help showcase your minces pies in just right way this Christmas. Call us on 01727 223310 or email

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UK National No Beard Day

No Beard Day Blog Cover

Are You Ready?

National No Beard Day is upon us! “Finally!”, we hear some partners say. Happy bearded men not so much. But, maybe you are tired of a fuzzy face? Maybe the daily application of beard balm or oil has just got too much?

On Wednesday 18th October, all those fashioning facial hair should take the plunge and return to the clean-shaven look. You’re scared. Do you even remember what you look like without your face cloak of protection? It’s OK, we have just the tools you need to make this transition as smooth as possible.

No Beard Day Tools:

  1. Depending on what kind of bear you are, you might need a comb.[gallery ids="12485,12501,12502"]
  2. Here goes! Scissors…Snip!

    [caption id="attachment_12503" align="aligncenter" width="130"]Retractable Scissors Retractable Scissors[/caption]

  3. Shavers and Razors[gallery ids="12504,12505,12506" orderby="rand"]
  4. Maintenance and Adaption
[gallery ids="12507,12508,12509"]

All In One Marketing offers a huge range of promotional beauty products to suit any business. Brands can customise all of our products with any logo or design. A little reminder of who you are so you don’t lose yourself whilst your beard disappears. If you don’t have a logo or design yet, As part of The All In One Group, we have access to a network of talented freelance designers to help you create yours.



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13 Promotional Gift Ideas for Friday the 13th

Promotional Gift Ideas for Friday 13th

Today is Friday the 13th, a date many people consider to be unlucky. A study showed that today is so unlucky that there are less vehicles on the motorways. The risk of hospital admissions due to a traffic incident could rise by nearly 52%! Here are 13 unique promotional gift ideas to help turn your luck around on Friday the 13th.

13 Promotional Gift Ideas:

[gallery ids="2285,12448,10934,9211,9963,10342,9209,5818,3764,12447,12136,9215,977"]

All In One Merchandise has over 100,000 promotional products, perfect for any day and any occasion. For more unique gift ideas, take a look at our corporate and seasonal categories. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, call the team on 01727 223310.

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The T-Cracker Christmas Gift Set

T-Cracker Christmas Gift Set

The Perfect Christmas Gift

Christmas Gift

Looking for a Christmas gift for your clients? You’ve come to the right place! Today, All In One Merchandise brings you a new festive addition to our range of promotional Christmas gift ideas. The T-Cracker Christmas gift set. This product delivers the perfect festive combination. A box which contains a mini Christmas tree nestled alongside a Christmas cracker. Just when you think it couldn’t get any better, the cracker is filled with miniature decorations.

The T-Cracker Christmas Gift Set:

  • Each box contains a 35cm high fir tree and an individual Christmas cracker
  • The cracker is filled with miniature decorations
  • Brands can fully customise both the box and cracker with a logo, design or message

The T-Cracker set is perfect for brands wishing to give their customer a festive treat. It is also great for companies look to reward their employees and boost the Christmas spirit over the busy December period.

More Information:

The All In One Group brings you All In One Merchandise. A company with offices in London that specialise in providing a wide range of inspirational promotional merchandise. This  includes branded promotional glassware, and lightweight promotional products for mailing.

Furthermore, we can provide also a 5 day turnaround service on some items, simply contact us now on 01727 223310 or