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Seeker Bluetooth Phone and Key Finder

Seeker bluetooth phone and key finder

Seeker Bluetooth Phone and Key Finder:

Always running late because you couldn’t find those last minute essentials? Not anymore, never lose your valuables again with the seeker and keep track of your possessions via your phone.

Just clip the seeker to your key ring and your phone will remind you if you have misplaced your keys. The seeker also helps you find your missing phone or tablet, just tap it to check, even if your phone is on silent mode.

And there’s more! The seeker also has Bluetooth for allowing you to capture photos on your phone. Grab yours now!


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Lose your keys

Don you often lose your keys? Then the Bluetooth key finder. Simply place the key finder on your keys, and when needed, you can find the keys with the key finder app on your mobile device. This device can also be used as a remote shutter or ‘selfie’ shutter. Compatible with both iOS (iPhone 4S and up) as Android 4.4. Need some printing, check out our printing website,

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Could losing your keys be a thing of the past?

Make sure your keys never going missing again by purchasing our wireless key finder set which works for 5 sets of keys. There is one transmitter and 5 receiver sets and the transmitter covers a distance of up to 30 metres. Should you lose one set of keys, press the key set number you wish to find and it will release a loud beeping noise on the receive set. This is a must have item for anyone who loses their keys regularly. The receiver sets can be branded with your company logo as well. Contact us now for further details.